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Clark’s passion for the business is formed out of a simple desire – he wishes to help families, like his own, and individuals create sound financial habits at a young age, because he believes that doing so creates stronger balance sheets, stronger families, and in turn, stronger communities.

As a young saver himself, providing education to clients and others in the community through workshops and seminars is a top priority for Clark. He often works alongside attorneys, CPAs, realtors, bankers, and insurance agents to provide comprehensive education and advice to all he works with.

"As a husband and father with three children, I completely understand the issues and problems that our young savers face – I’m dealing with the same things!  What I love about financial planning is attacking these issues with sound, biblical financial principles that stand the test of time. This process can help bring clients peace of mind and contentment, and that brings an incredible amount of joy."

Clark and his wife, Jamie, have three children, Jackson, Elizabeth, and Millie. Whether they are working on schoolwork, attending a sporting event, or going on a trip together, The Hayden Family strives to stay connected as a family and to remain grateful for all the wonderful blessings they've been given.

Clark is a CFP®* Practitioner and a graduate of the University of Kentucky and holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Accounting.

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