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We love the Lockshield Way and recognize how we are uniquely qualified and positioned to help our clients be good stewards of their resources. We view the privilege of partnering with people to manage their resources as an honor and great responsibility. When we execute our job with all our talents, training, and heart we know and have seen the incredible impact for our clients and their families, the communities we live/serve in, our team members and their families, and above all for the glory and expansion of God’s kingdom.

Current job opportunities


While we are not always actively seeking to add team members there will always be room on our team for the perfect fit.

If you are newer to the business with a few years of experience but maybe recognize/feel like your current situation isn’t the best long-term fit for you or your clients.

You are a seasoned planner with an established book of business and wanting to make “that one move” in your career so you can serve your clients at the highest level.

You are looking to retire and want to find a transition for yourself and, more importantly, for your clients.  

Could Lockshield be a perfect fit for you? Could you be a perfect fit for Lockshield? We encourage you to poke around our website, our social media, and ask others in the community. Send one of your trusted clients in as a secret shopper and report back to you their experience. Ultimately, let’s just connect for a cup of coffee or lunch and see where the conversation goes. We both want that perfect fit and it begins with a conversation.

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