Resources that help you prepare and confidently navigate the world of taxes and finances.

Five Biblical Principles of Money Management

Throughout scripture, we can clearly identify five separate financial principles that can be applied to our own situations. God’s money principles are transcendent and timeless, and they work in every situation, every time.

Interest Rates are Going Up – Now What?

Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP®* takes a look at the relationship between interest rates and inflation, the role that the Federal Reserve plays in our economy, and the affects of increasing interest rates.

3 Points to Consider when Leaving a Job with a 401(k)

What do you do with your 401(k) from a previous employer? Advisor, Clark Hayden covers the top three things to consider.

What to Know About Income Taxes

Accountant Tina Wilson breaks down gross income, taxable income, and everything in between.

Student Loan Deferment - What’s the Deal With It?

In the last two years, federal student loans have been placed in deferment. Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP® explains what the deal is with this and what you should be considering.

Historic Headlines Remain the Same

Senior Partner & Financial Advisor, Dan Klein, CFP®, takes us back as he shares with us a valuable experience of being in the position of Financial Advisor during historic headlines of world events.

Identity Theft: How to Prevent It and What To Do If It Happens to You

Our Accounting Services office covers exactly what you need to know if your identity gets stolen.

Tax Tips for Ministers

Just as ministers provide for our spiritual health, we are here to help guide in tax matters in relation to financial health. Accountant Kelsey Guiler tackles wages, deductions, and tax tips for those serving in the Minister role.

7 Milestones to Reach Before Retirement

Begin with the end in mind - That is the key to planning for retirement and you can never start too early. Check out the seven major planning milestones that need to be accomplished as you work to enter into this time in your life.