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Student Loan Announcement

Join Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP®* as he takes a deeper look into the recent Student Loan Announcement.

City of Glasgow Small Business Relief Program - 2022 GRANT APPLICATION

Apply Today - The City of Glasgow is pledging additional support to small businesses forced to close or reduce services in response to COVID-19.

What is a ‘Bear Market,’ and What Do I Do?

We are currently entrenched in a bear market - but what does that mean? Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP®* breaks down the 'what' and the 'how' when it comes to investing in a bear market.

11 Biblical Principles for Investing

In the midst of a down market, it is important to know what to implement and when. Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP®* takes us through 11 biblical tips we can reference during these times.

Volume 1: The Lockshield Letter

Lockshield Partners' 2nd Quarter Update

Five Biblical Principles of Money Management

Throughout scripture, we can clearly identify five separate financial principles that can be applied to our own situations. God’s money principles are transcendent and timeless, and they work in every situation, every time.

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