A Fall Filled with Service

Our Lockshield Ministry is focused on works of love and service within our community.

This Fall, we had opportunities to engage in multiple activities that allowed us to closely connect to our community. With Rake Fest, A Cup of Gratitude, harvesting at Top Crops, and initiating an employee healthy step challenge, our Fall season was filled with both community connections and personal growth. Here's a look into all we got into this month:

Rake Fest

Rake Fest 2023 was a day filled with sunshine and smiles! Our financial and tax offices came together armed with sturdy rakes and a collective spirit of generosity. We were able to rake 4 yards in our community while having a blast! Even young Millie got in on the fun, and enjoyed watching all the hard work. We ended our day of service with some delicious chili and hotdogs at the Klein house.  As we ate and watched the Detroit Lions, Drew, Rod, Logan, and the kids started up a backyard football game.

A Cup of Gratitude

Lockshield Ministry started ‘A Cup of Gratitude’ this past summer, which provides us an opportunity to say thank you to local businesses for all the positive work they do in our community. Recognizing the importance of supporting our neighbors and showing gratitude, we partnered with a local Glasgow coffee truck, Honey's Coffee Co., to provide our friends at FRECC with morning coffee. FRECC has been a positive force in Glasgow, making sure to provide power in harsh conditions. Thank you, FRECC!

Harvesting at Top Crops

Each Friday, our Ministry Coordinator, Jamie, has the opportunity to harvest with the wonderful people at Top Crops. Harvesting alongside individuals with diverse abilities, Jamie and the Top Crops team are able to supply an abundance of vegetables and herbs to the SOKY Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in harvesting, reach out to Jamie! You can also catch Top Crops on Saturday mornings starting at 8am at the SOKY Farmers Market in Bowling Green.

Employee Healthy Step Challenge

As we turned our focus inward, we introduced an employee ‘Healthy Steps Challenge.’ Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, we encouraged each team member to take steps—literally and figuratively—towards a healthier lifestyle. Our focus was “Move More, Sit Less.” The challenge not only boosted individual well-being but also created a sense of shared accomplishment. The camaraderie and friendly competition among team members reinforced the idea that our ministry extends beyond external acts of service.  In the months of September and October we took a collective 7,870,772 steps!

As we reflect on this past Fall season, we see a steady path of service, connection, and growth in our commitment to make a positive impact.

Jamie Hayden

Ministry Coordinator