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Jamie Hayden serves as Coordinator of our company's newest initiative, The Lockshield Ministry. She has always had a heart for serving others, as evidenced by her role as a Kindergarten teacher for the past five years.

It gives me great joy to help guide others in lifelong learning and personal growth. As Lockshield Partners' Ministry Coordinator, I am blessed to do both.  

Jamie is excited to assist individuals of all ages as they grow in financial literacy. Her goal is to enhance the overall financial IQ of the community, in turn freeing up resources for Kingdom purposes.

Jamie and her husband Clark have been heavily involved in the Bowling Green community since their move to the area in 2017.  Throughout that time, she's thankful to have made lifelong connections and friendships.  She has served the last several years as a teacher in the Warren County school system.  She and her husband, Clark, have three children, Jackson, Elizabeth, and Millie.  Jamie and her family enjoy sporting events, spending as much time outside, and attending fun family events in the community.    

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