Testimonials are provided by current Lockshield Partners clients and they were not compensated for their testimonial.


The Lockshield Approach

From those who have taken it

Our company has had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most genuine, intentional, and kind-hearted clients over the years. Here are some who have shared how taking the Lockshield approach has impacted their lives.

Amy Stambaugh

We’ve been with Dan for years for financial advising, and we’ve used his team for taxes for the last several years too! They’re a great team and treat our assets with care. We don’t make any big financial decisions without first seeking the advice of Lockshield. They’re helping us grow our assets so our retirement accounts will be comfortable when that time comes.

Danny and Loretta Dickson

They’re down to earth, easy to talk with, and certainly understand our goals and concerns. We feel that our financial success is their top priority. Choosing Dan and his crew to oversee our retirement assets has proven to be the right decision. It has allowed us to meet our goals for retirement and certainly has given us more time to do the things that are most important to us.

Danny and Teresa Bishop

That day in the fall of 2006 when we met Dan Klein, not only did we get a trusted financial advisor, we got a lifetime friend. He has managed our retirement for 18 years and we are very pleased. Dan is honest, caring, and highly-educated and trained in his field. His staff of Jeremiah, Clark, and Jodi have the same personal and professional qualifications. When you are thinking about investments and retirement, you would benefit from giving them a call and having a sit-down, heart-to-heart conversation. You will be impressed. It is comforting to know that the Lockshield team constantly monitors our account and will contact us immediately with suggested changes specifically for us. We worked for our retirement resources and Lockshield works to protect and build those resources. We are thankful for all they have done and will continue to do for us.

Gary and Teresa Huddleston

It's always a great experience when working with the Lockshield team. Dan and his team always keep the goals of my family and our financial security as their top priority. They are always available to answer questions and provide expert advice in a friendly and timely manner. I feel like the financial future of my family is in great hands as a result of being a client of Lockshield Partners for many years. The advice that Dan and team has given us along the way has been invaluable and has positioned us for a long and secure retirement.

Judy Gossett

It has been an awesome experience for me to be part of your company. Always keeping me informed and up to date on my account. At my age, I believe they have me on the right track for my life.

Judy and Joe Downing

Dan, Clark, and Jodi are very knowledgeable and have tons of patience with Judy and I and always have taken whatever time is necessary to explain things to us and answer all of our questions. They always treat us as if we are their most important clients. We appreciate them so much!  - Joe Downing

I have always left all financial situations to Joe and when the time came he would try to explain what was going on with our investments so I could sign papers but I was lost. Dan, Clark, and Jodi have been as patient with us using terms I could understand. They have been a huge help getting all our financials in order for our kids when that time comes. They have it all in order at their office so all our kids will need to do is meet with them and they will relay our wishes to them. My biggest relief is to know, if Joe goes first, I'll have them to guide me in the most beneficial way for me to continue on with my lifestyle. Thanks for always taking time with us to explain again & again if needed! - Judy Downing

Michael Lonak

My experience with working with Lockshield Partners has been fantastic; My father had set up an account for me through Lockshield which is what introduced me to them. Since doing business with Lockshield for a couple years, I decided to open a Roth IRA through Lockshield as well, which has been handled great. Since I've been getting older and having more money questions, many of the people at Lockshield have been more than helpful with all of the questions I've had and have explained everything about complex money scenarios clearly to me, which has been extremely helpful to me as I transition into young adulthood. Because of my partnership with Lockshield and the team there, I believe I am significantly more prepared for life because of the advice I am given for the money I have now and what to do with it to make sure I am set for life. With the advice I am given and the resources that are provided, I believe that I will have no money issues throughout my entire life and will be prepared for anything that occurs.

Rich Everett

Working with Dan has been incredible. He has offered great advice. He has opened my eyes to the best way to protect our assets and stretch them out over time. Because of Dan, I believe we will be able to enjoy travel in our retirement years and also leave a legacy after we pass.

Runell Cotton

Lockshield Partners is a trustworthy, compassionate, and savvy group. Their expertise has been amazing and I truly appreciate their guidance from both the financial planning and accounting offices. The Lockshield team has provided peace of mind and security for my family for almost 20 years. My retirement has been worry free and I would highly recommend them.

Shelley Portugal

As self-employed owners of two small businesses, my husband and I constantly stay busy having to wear so many different hats. Juggling finances/taxes/planning for the future has always been one of the biggest pain points for us - constantly feeling worried about not being prepared for the future (or filing taxes incorrectly) was a feeling that was always looming over our heads. We are SO thankful to have been recommended to Lockshield two years ago because it truly feels like a one-stop shop for all of our financial pain points. We absolutely love that our financial planner, Clark, works closely with our CPA, Drew. Regular meetings with Clark and semi-annual meetings with both Clark & Drew help keep us focused on our financial goals (both for our businesses and for our personal lives). We feel prepared for the future and so well taken care of at Lockshield. The weight they have lifted off our shoulders is invaluable! In short, our long-term future goals (buying a house, saving for retirement) actually feel realistic & tangible now, whereas before working with Lockshield they felt kind of unattainable. Having knowledgeable professionals like Clark & Drew taking the time to explain/educate simple strategies for goal-setting/preparing for the future has truly been invaluable. Tax prep, investing, and planning for long-term goals always felt so confusing and vague to me, but not anymore. Even just having Clark look at our bank balances/investments every few months and offering guidance & validation has been SO helpful. I always felt like I was feeling around in the dark when it came to our finances, but now I feel well-equipped to handle them.

Steve Lee

Dan and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. We have been clients of Dan’s for more than 20 years. If you’re looking for a financial advisor, who offers timely, sound advice on all things financial, we highly recommend Dan and Lockshield Partners!

Tom Parsly

The Lockshield team has been very helpful growing and protecting our nest egg. Dan Klein accompanied my wife and I to the Social Security office when it was time to apply for Social Security. He (Dan) was able to help us resolve right away an error in the SSA records that would have prevented my wife from receiving her benefits. The Lockshield team advised us to invest in ways that reduced our income tax while growing our retirement income.

Wayne & Anne Leonard

We enjoy working with Lockshield Partners and Clark Hayden! The faith-based values of Lockshield Partners and their commitment to our financial growth and stability make it a perfect fit with our own personal values. Clark never leaves our home without making sure we have a clear understanding of how we can achieve our short and long term goals! Because of our partnership with Lockshield, Anne has been able to retire and we feel secure in knowing that as a couple we can comfortably enjoy our retirement years together! Lockshield Partners provides sound advice, they continually stay abreast of changes in the financial environment and treat us like family!






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