Our Winter Works of Faith

Our Lockshield Ministry is rooted in James 2:18 “I will show you my faith by my works.”

This winter, we had many opportunities to show our faith and spread a light in the community. Through our Polar Express Night, A Cup of Gratitude, harvesting at Top Crops, St. Joseph School Fundraiser, teaching Financial Literacy, and our Friends of Lockshield Events, our winter season was filled with both community connections and lasting memories.

Polar Express

Polar Express at the Bowling Green Historic Railpark was a night filled with magic and memories! It was a highlight of our Holiday Season to see all and meet all of your friends and family while getting to share the experience of having a classic Christmas story being brought to life.  We loved seeing all the festive ornaments, indulging in cookies and sipping on hot cocoa, and hearing the excitement of a Santa-sighting.  Thank you for sharing Christmas joy with us!

St. Joseph Gala

Funds raised during the St. Joseph Gala directly supports the school's mission of providing a high-quality education, modern facilities, and enriching extracurricular activities for their students all while integrating faith and spiritual growth. Funds cover essential expenses such as classroom supplies, technology upgrades, faculty development, and scholarships, ensuring that every student has access to a nurturing and  stimulating learning environment. We are honored to support St. Joseph and their impact in our community.

A Cup of Gratitude

A Cup of Gratitude is growing! Coming soon, we will be partnering with Christian Family Radio to spread gratitude in our community.  Each month, our community will have the chance to nominate a business to thank with love, coffee, and sweet treats! A Cup of Gratitude extends to our clients and the work they do in the community. We are blessed to share in the fun and excitement of retirement with our clients through coffee! Congratulations to those retiring and thank you so much for all the work you've done for our community.

Financial Literacy Talks

Financial literacy is crucial for individuals, families, and communities for several reasons. This essential knowledge helps individuals  to manage finances effectively, make informed decisions, avoid financial pitfalls, build wealth, contribute to economic stability, and achieve long-term financial security and independence. At Lockshield Partners we understand the importance of financial literacy and how that affects families and communities for generations to come.  We had the privilege of sharing our knowledge with local high schools, and businesses, and look forward to continuing to educate this year!

Friends of Lockshield

Are you looking for fellowship, community, and meaningful connections? Look no further than Friends of Lockshield, a vibrant group of individuals dedicated to fostering friendship and camaraderie. Our monthly gatherings are filled with laughter, shared experiences, opportunities to connect with like-minded people, and delicious food. Contact Jamie Hayden, jamie@lockshieldpartners.com, to join!

Jamie Hayden

Ministry Coordinator