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In 1999, Dan Klein began his career in financial planning at a time when many stock brokers and investment houses were pushing tech stocks and trying to catch the next hot investment. His mission when beginning was simple: Help his clients achieve their family’s financial goals through honest and competent financial planning. From that simplest of beginnings he has built, one client at a time, a reputation as one of the most trusted financial planners in the area.

Dan frequently works side by side with his client’s CPAs, attorneys, bankers, and families to help articulate, define, monitor, and work toward their financial goals. He recognizes the intimate connection between pursuing his client’s financial goals and how that may enable them to achieve their life’s goals and passions.

"Having experienced a bit of life myself, including a run in with cancer in 2014, I know financial planning is not about numbers or figures on a page. It's not about accumulating money simply for the sake of accumulation. It’s about being a good manager and steward of the resources we’ve been so graciously given. It’s about accomplishing personal goals and providing security for those we covet most. And it’s about being in a position to make a difference in the lives of others.

At Lockshield Partners we take tremendous pride in walking with our clients and their families to find that balance between creating security through smart decisions and prudent planning while not losing track of what really matters."

Dan’s roots in education (prior to joining the financial industry he taught 5th grade) are the basis for his passion in providing financial education opportunities to both his clients and the community. Every year he offers clients opportunities to learn more about their finances. In the past he has had representatives from the social security administration, estate planning attorneys, and finance professors address his clients. In 2010 he coordinated a financial literacy series with Western Kentucky University’s financial planning department. Dan was also in charge of the educational component for a Barren County bank’s participation in a pilot program from the FDIC that included only 9 banks nationwide.

Dan is married to Claire and they have 4 active children, growing up quickly that they love to navigate life with.

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