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Jodi Walden joined our team in 2005 and serves as the backbone for Lockshield Partners. Jodi’s official title is Head of Operations but, as our clients already know, she is really the one who does all the big and little things necessary to make Lockshield Partners an incredible customer experience for those we are privileged to serve.

"Being an adoptive parent and foster parent for over 20 years, I spend my spare time advocating for the needs of others, both children and special needs adults. At Lockshield Partners, we realize that every household has different needs, and some of those can be planned for, while some of them cannot. We will support your family through the joyful moments, as well as the stressful ones and truly hope that we have the opportunity to hold your hand and guide you throughout all the stages of your life."

Jodi is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Alongside Dan Klein, she served on LPL Financial’s Advisory Council in 2009. From more than 3,000 advisors nationwide LPL invites only 24 hand picked advisors to sit on the council for their integrity and service to their clients.

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