Introducing Lockshield Partners Accounting Services

Lockshield Partners Accounting Services, Inc. shouldn’t need much of an introduction.

Our founding firm and staff have been serving this community for over 30 years however if you have questions as to where the change came from, let me recap our story for you.

Current owners Dan Klein and Drew Thompson purchased Gilbert & Gilbert CPAs in January 2019 from our founders, David and Veronica Gilbert. Over the past 3 years under the name Gilbert & Gilbert Accounting Services, Inc., we have slowly molded and changed what the client and accountant relationship should look like. Although we have changed the name, our ownership, staff, and core values remain the same.    

Our outstanding, experienced staff is here to serve.

This is still and will always be our primary purpose. Each of our team members are profiled in detail on our team page which I hope you check out, however they are our biggest asset at Lockshield Partners Accounting Services, Inc. so I want to briefly tell you more about them.

Our staff cares. We care about your family, your future, your business, and this community. We take pride in providing excellent customer service with our main focus being making our interactions with clients less transactional and more relational. Our staff is trained in all areas of accounting, providing us an advantage over other firms and allowing them to be well rounded accountants that can confidently advise on all your accounting needs.

Changing the name brings our firm in alignment with what our long-term goals are. We are excited about the direction we are taking our firm in and hope you are too.

Head over to our accounting page so you can get to know more about us, our serves, and how we can begin to plan together.  

Drew Thompson

Senior Accountant, Managing Partner