A Different Approach to Accounting

Being proactive is defined as creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it happens.

Unfortunately, time and time again we have clients show up at our office after the fact - after starting a business, after selling the family farm, trying to figure out what the tax consequences might be. At a time that is so crucial, the element of surprise is the last thing you need on your plate. Our team at Lockshield Partners Accounting Services works to eliminate the surprises and add control back into the situation by taking a proactive approach.


So what does this mean exactly? Whether you are an individual or a growing small business, we work as a partner in your tax situation, every step of the way, to cause a result to happen rather than respond to it.

Since our office is open year-round, there is always someone who can help you. We work with you throughout the year, checking in and following up in order to ensure the proactive approach is being taken.


We work alongside individuals, businesses and nonprofits in all different stages.

For those individuals needing annual tax preparation services, our experienced staff is trained and ready to assist you. By walking you through the tax filing process from start to finish., from the time you come through our door until the time you sign your e-file form, you are informed. With our strong belief in the power of knowledge, educating our clients on their taxes is just as important as filing them. The better you can understand how the tax system works, the easier the process is for all involved.

As much as we like to prepare taxes for our individual tax filers, we feel we can make the most impact with our small business clients by removing the worry of deadlines and taxes. Taking a proactive approach to your finances and accounting will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner.

Our team can be your fully-outsourced accounting department. We provide:

  • Payroll services for those that have employees
  • Bookkeeping for those that may need assistance in tracking their books
  • Year-end review to plan for what your tax liability might be, ultimately, leading to filing annual business and personal tax returns, and so much more.  

Does any of this sound like something you may be looking for? If so, head over to our homepage and click on the “Get Started” button to begin the planning process. We’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation and see if we can be of benefit to you, your family or your business.  

Drew Thompson

Senior Accountant, Managing Partner