Selecting a Financial Planner - The Who, The What, and The How

Savvy consumers typically go through a process when they are in the market for a new item just as they do when looking for a Professional to help them with certain matters.

Whether you are looking for a new Doctor, Accountant or Financial Planner, there is certain information most will gather before making a decision. The most basic of questions is, “Who is this person, what do they do, and how can they help me?”

Selecting a Financial Planner to partner with can be a daunting task for many people. For good reason, most people are confused about the differences between various Planners and Firms. There are many businesses and individuals that use the term Financial Planner or Financial Advisor, yet there is a big difference between the companies and how they do business. While I cannot speak for all those other firms, I can share with you what Lockshield Partners Financial Services does for our clients and some of the main questions you should be asking when selecting a Financial Planner.    


Lockshield Partners Financial Services is comprised of Christ-Centered individuals with the heart for being in business to truly make a difference in the lives of the families we serve and in the community we live in. With the experience and knowledge to help you through all of your financial matters, our team has a wide range of expertise that you can rely on to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your family.

Our firm is set up a little differently. With two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs (CFP®*), an Attorney and an accounting firm at your disposal, we can provide expert opinions on the complex world of Financial Planning. For the financial side particularly, we help you plan for the future and ensure your investments, financial planning, tax planning and estate planning are all working together to maximize efficiency and be good stewards of your resources.  

The Planners at Lockshield Partners are also what is called Fiduciaries, meaning we are legally held to a higher standard that requires us to give you advice that is best for your situation. Financial Advisors that are not “Fiduciaries” only have to recommend something that is “suitable” for you. There is a big difference in these standards.  

We believe you will have a hard time finding another Financial Planning firm that has a team in place as diverse and capable of handling your needs. *Check out the section on our website to read more detailed information about our team.


At Lockshield Partners we are not affiliated with any investment company which means we help clients make the best decisions and select the right investments for their needs. With this, we serve a wide spectrum of people, in all different phases of life. Young Professionals, middle-aged couples trying to navigate retirement savings and getting their kids through college, and people nearing or already in retirement. We have the pleasure of working with farmers, retired factory workers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and everything in between.

Our financial team takes pride in helping our clients by being a proactive guide in getting started off on the right foot all the way to accumulating retirement savings and maintaining those savings to ensure they have everything they want in their retirement. We will assess where you currently are in life, discuss with you what your plans and goals are and then formulate a plan with you to help you achieve those goals.


When selecting a Financial Planner, it is important to know the character of the Financial Planner and Company you are partnering with. Always make sure you have the answers to the following:

  • Who do these people serve?
  • What kind of services do they offer?
  • What will I be paying for these services?
  • And are they a Fiduciary, meaning are they going to give you the advice that is best for you, not what is most convenient for them.

Once you gather this information on the various options in your area, you will be well on your way to making an informed decision and selecting the right Planner for your needs.

At Lockshield Partners, we work alongside you to ensure transparency and the best results we can possibly give. As always, if you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss any topic in depth.

Jeremiah Harston, J.D./M.B.A.

Financial Advisor, Partner