The Growth of Lockshield Partners

Lockshield Partners is an interesting name for a financial planning firm –

It doesn’t fit the traditional mold for a name. We often get asked what our name means, and funnily enough, we get calls from individuals who need locksmith services (we would help if we could!). The name Lockshield Partners is derived from the ancient military strategy of “locking shields.” It was a mechanism used to help a much smaller force overcome a much larger force by working side-by-side and operating with mutually-aligned goals and objectives. We believed that this name is perfect for our firm for the same reason. While we may not be fighting in military battles, we are helping our clients fight battles of financial uncertainty, down markets, and the many other stresses that come with managing finances. Our name is so important to us because we, just like militaries of the past, are locking shields with our clients to help them forge ahead.

For the past few years, we’ve had a team vision of being able to provide full-service financial services for our clients, ranging from financial planning and investment management to tax preparation and business planning. The end goal is for our clients to sit around the same table as their financial planner, tax planner, and legal expert. Through this combination of technical expertise, we believe that we will be able to provide unmatched client service as we help them navigate the murky waters of financial management on the way to achieving their goals.

After much time and planning, we are excited to announce the addition of “Lockshield Partners Accounting Services” under our Lockshield Partners umbrella. With our new, expanded team, we will be able to continue assisting our clients with all their financial planning needs, and will now be able to add accounting services as well.

Throughout this process, our team has spent much time deliberating on a proper mission statement. Mission statements are critical because it is the “why” of what we do? What is our purpose? After several weeks discussing our purpose, we distilled it down into one sentence:

To be Christ-centered partners leading people to stewardship throughout life’s stages.

What exactly does it mean?

That’s a loaded sentence. What exactly does it mean?  The first part – “To be Christ-centered partners...” encompasses many things. First and foremost, it illustrates our values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We feel this statement also encompasses our commitment to proactive service for our clients. Third, it reveals our belief in biblical financial planning principles.  We believe that all sound financial advice is derived from wisdom in the Bible – it is transcendent and applicable in any financial circumstance.

Let’s next explore the second part of the statement – “... leading people to stewardship” Stewardship means something different to everyone, but we chose this specific word because we think of stewardship as utilizing all of our resources – whether that be time, talent, or treasure – in a wise way. We want to help our clients use their resources to live their best life and focus on what’s important to them.

The last part of our statement, “...throughout life’s stages.” displays our commitment to assist folks anywhere in life – whether they are young savers or retirees. As I stated above, we believe that our biblically-based advice is applicable to any financial situation.

We look forward to this new journey that we are embarking, and we hope to have you along for the ride as well. We have a saying around the office: “Stronger balance sheets = stronger families = stronger communities.” We believe that helping our clients achieve confidence and contentment ultimately enables them to use their time, talent, and treasure to make our community a better place.

Clark Hayden, CFP®*

Financial Advisor, Partner, CFP®