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Volume 5: The Lockshield Letter

Lockshield Partners' 3rd Quarter Update

Volume 4: The Lockshield Letter

Lockshield Partners' 2nd Quarter Update

What’s Going On With Bonds?

2022 represented one of the worst years in the bond markets in decades. Why did that happen? And what’s on the horizon? Advisor Clark Hayden, CFP®* shares a few answers with us.

Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Changes for 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, the Kentucky sales and use tax will apply to over 30 additional service categories — Will your business be affected? Operations Manager Becky Thompson has compiled this list for you to see.

Four Ways to Reduce Your Tax Prep Fee

The 2023 Tax Season is upon us! Accounting Operations Manager, Becky Thompson, has compiled 4 ways you can save time and reduce tax prep this season.

A Breakdown of the SECURE Act 2.0 from LPL Financial

Our partners at LPL Financial give us a breakdown of the changes "SECURE Act 2.0" will bring.

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